An Important Message

Seth and I have known each other professionally for about 3 years. I own a Home Care Agency in the area. He has always been there to assist my clients understand their policies that were written many years ago and were about to need them. Being in the senior industry, I get to see how people live with LTC Insurance and those that don’t. Believe me, having an LTC policy, takes a lot of stress off yourself and family members. When it was time to discuss applying for LTC insurance, my wife and I reached out to Seth. In my eyes, nothing about insurance is easy to understand. Seth took the time and patience to explain everything we needed to know about buying a policy. He held a “secure virtual meeting” with us and we were able to follow him right on our computer as if he was in the room with us. This saved us lots of time. After purchasing our policies from Seth, I found myself talking to others that bought a policy somewhere else and their reaction was “WOW, where did you buy your policy?” We are very happy with our policies and recommend Seth to others we meet, even if they live in another state. He has been able to “meet” with them and take care of their long-term care planning needs.

Scot C.

President of Senior Helpers and Co-Founder of the Senior Providers Network, California